A social-public space for artistic practices

BUG Radio is launching its website during On Air - On Site Radio Festival, with a starter set of two shows. From the autumn on, it will air regular shows from a variety of radio-makers, and host live events too. BUG Radio is on a mission to create a dynamic and interactive community radio in The Hague and it is striving to truly be a community radio, exploring the boundaries of radio as a medium for artistic expression and community connection. Through a series of curated radio events and live broadcasts, we seek to create a space for experimental music practices, interdisciplinary collaborations, and sonic exploration.

BUG Radio is driven by a strong belief in the transformative power of radio as a public platform for artistic engagement and community building. By embracing radio as a tool for storytelling and cultural exchange, we aim to celebrate the diversity of voices within our community. Through our radio shows and collaborative projects with artists and musicians, we strive to create a space where everyone's voice matters.

Socio-Political: BUG Radio will have dedicated time slots for socio-political radio art/documentaries/community projects. (Amateur)radio-makers are welcome to send proposals to BUG Radio’s Open Call on any subject they find urgent, interesting, relevant. We want to hear your thoughts, and we want to provide you with a safe space to voice them. In addition, BUG Radio Curators Margherita Brillada and Leonie Roessler will engage with the local population in The Hague to produce radio with those that are most isolated, be it the homeless or the elderly. As a first show in this genre, BUG Radio is airing “On Art, Disability, Barriers, and Chances”. This feature includes interviews and breath-taking works by disabled artists. Topics include barriers in education and daily life, but also in the art and music world in particular.

Connecting Communities: BUG Radio has confirmed monthly shows from Iranian label Noise à Noise, representing the noise are community of Tehran. We are excited to partner with Soheil Soheili, who runs the label, to provide a voice for a musical community that is under severe pressure at the moment. In addition, Musica Dispersa will provide a monthly show on Women in Experimental Music. Roberto Vilela started Musica Dispersa Radio and the label in 2012, and initiated the Women in Experimental Music Project in 2019.

On Site: BUG Radio is planning to have regular radio events on location in our studio - to connect people from all walks of life with art and radio.

History: We often think of history as something large-scale that happened long ago, and is in a way distant to us and our daily lives. BUG Radio wants to connect to the immediate artistic history of The Hague, history that is ongoing, history of artists that may still be living but have had an impact on how we create music and art. We would like to connect older artists with the young and upcoming, for there is so much to be passed on, and so much that can be exchanged. As a first step we will tap into the archives of West Den Haag and Studio LOOS, and feature highlights of artist talks and legendary free improvisation sessions. These shows will start airing in autumn 2024.


On Air - On Site 2024 will be the launch of BUG Radio. Visit onaironsite.com to learn more about the 48 hrs streaming programme.

A space where everyone's voice matters

We are thrilled to announce that BUG Radio will be hitting the airwaves in October 2024. BUG Radio will start airing within the world of community radio with headquarters based in The Hague, and will be active with regular activities and live events, streaming both On Air and On Site.

BUG Radio aims to become a public-social space for artistic involvement with events hosting and welcoming the audience in situ. As an experimental and non-profit organisation, we value creativity, diversity, and a spirit of collaboration. We believe that radio is a powerful medium for telling stories, sharing ideas, and connecting people from all walks of life. Our commitment to community involvement is what sets us apart, and we hope you will join us in this mission.

We are looking for artists to host regular monthly shows in 1-hour slots, and we invite you to be a part of this exciting new venture. We can't wait to see the innovative and creative shows that our community will bring to BUG Radio. Whether you speak English or Dutch, we welcome your application and look forward to reviewing your proposals.

Who can apply?

BUG Radio warmly welcomes emerging or experienced sound artists and musicians of any age and nationality. There are no linguistic or age restrictions.


Please feel free to reach out to info@bugradio.org with any questions or concerns. We can't wait to welcome you to the BUG Radio family.